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How To Recycle

Though it’s true that a lot of music videos today are using re-cycled ideas and concepts, there’s artists out there who have managed to turn re-cycling into an art itself. The videos I’m referring to, utilize archived footage from obscure television shows and movies. Through careful planning and meticulous editing, they’ve managed to reconstruct ostensibly irrelevant scenes into amusing and evocative stories. Ingenuity and proficient editing skills can take you along way..

Michna- Triple Chrome Dipped. The handheld footage spliced in with videogame clips gives this video a distinct retro feel. Metaform- Sunday. Apparently taken from some cult Bollywood film; the off beat dancing and over the top acting match this songs ambivalent vibe beautifully. Tobacco-Side 8. A crude take on an era that took itself way to seriously. There seems to be an almost nihilistic theme running throughout this one. Ratatat- Shempi. A send-up of 70’s glam pop. The infectious beat serves as the perfect backdrop for these distorted dancers. P.S- If you aren’t into any of this, you probably have bad taste.

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