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Kid’s Bop

“Demonstration of Count Weevil’s firstborn MAX/MSP patch crafted in collaboration with Julio Morales (aka Mix-Y-Que). Simple explanation: kids drop breaks on CDJ#1 and trigger sounds sent to the MAX patch via CDJ#2. Call it a flipped out version of those “turn the page” storybooks and the antidote for the *Heroing of everything. Did I mention the replicant test the yout’dem have to take to select their videos-to-mix from the 64-unit grid? Divination. Plus David Attenborough in the mix! Installation is now running in a gorgeous custom-designed sound room at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego. Part of their “Animal Show” exhibition opening this month. Contact the Weevil for a formal mix of the “Zebra Xing Breaks.”

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